Storm Damage Photo Gallery

pools of water in the lower level of a concrete parking lot

Flooding To Parking Lot And Stores

The Stores Near Urgent Care in Kailua Suffered Flooding From Storm Water

The car garage in this concrete parking lot was flooded with water. The water ran into the surf shops door. Water filled the room to the point that the wooden flooring would move with the water in waves. Our team extracted all the water, addressed all damages and replaced the flooring. You would not be able to tell the parking lot or surf shop ever suffered storm damage. 

damaged wooden flooring piled in middle of room

Storm Damage In McCully Moiliiili Home

Flooding Caused By Storm Water

Storm damage to this Moiliili Home caused the flooring in the front of the building to bubble. The flooring was removed by our IICRC certified and highly trained SERVPRO team. The entire floor in the front room was removed and replaced. The home owners were pleased to have their home back, and looking "Like it never even happened."

Two green SERVPRO vans parked outside Hawaii Kai Retirement Home

Storm Damage Flooding Hawaii Kai Retirement Home

Flooding Caused By Flash Floods Fill Hawaii Kai Retirement Home

Water, mud, and run off filled the bottom floors of this Hawaii Kai Retirement Home. The halls, rooms, kitchens, and lobbys all were filled with water, mud and debris from the flash flood. Our team reported on site that night. Our team worked tirelessly till 4 am extracting water and mud. Our team worked for a few weeks to ensure all damages were restored. Those at this retirement home were grateful for the speed, care and efficiency of our SERVPRO team. 

Hawaii Kai Retirement home Kitchen floor completely covered in dirt, mud, pebbles, and water

Hawaii Kai Flash Flood Affects Entire Lower Level of Retirement Home

Hawaii Kai Retirement Home Suffers Traumatic Storm Damage

A flash flood in Hawaii Kai rushed into the retirement home housing hundreds of our kapuna. Dirt, mud, and debris filled the floors, SERVPRO reported on site and began the recovery process that same night. Our employees worked throughout the night to ensure the quickest recovery possible. The retirement home was so thankful for the speed and diligence of our SERVPRO team.

kitchen with a large section of the ceiling cut out

Mililani Home Becomes Subject to Storm Damage

Rain Damage Causes Damage to Mililani Kitchen Ceiling

The heavy rains across the island caused damage to this Mililani home. The water had come through their ceiling and began to drip into their kitchen. After calling SERVPRO our technicians were able to assess all damages and completely repair their home. Home owners were greatly pleased with our "detailed professional work."

un-grouted tiles loose and scattered across floor

Storm Damage: Loose Grouting And Scattered Tile

Flood water came into this Hawaii Kai home during a flash flood and caused a great deal of water damage within their home. The water seeped into the grout causing water damage and great concern for possible fungi or microbial growth. Our team of highly trained technicians came in to remove all tile, and replace the flooring, making it "Like it never even happened."