Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Our Ozone  Area

Ozone Benefits

Ozone benefits
Over 50% more efficient at breaking through bacteria membranes compared to chlorine.
Eliminates a wide range of bacteria over 3000 times faster than chlorine.
Potent disinfectant at low concentrations. This is being used to get the smoke smell out of the items

roof black and charred, with blue tarp covering large hole in roof. Neighboring home so burned it is only a burnt frame

If Your Neighbors Home Is On Fire Call 911! Your Home Is At Stake As Well!

Kailua Home Catches Next Door Neighbor's Home On Fire

The fire from a neighboring home caught this hours on fire. As you observe from the photo above the roof of this home was severely burned. The fire burned a hole into the ceiling creating the need for a "tarp up". Our IICRC certified team tarped the ceiling preventing any possible damage to furter due to the weather. 

bathroom with soot covering the mirror, sink, floors, walls, toilet with streaks going down mirror and walls

Every Fire Has Water Damage

Fire Damage Almost Always Means Water Damage Mitigation is Required

What many people do not realize when there is a fire there is almost always water damage in accompaniment. If a home or business is affected by a fire the fire is put out with water meaning the affected areas are completely saturated. The water settles throughout the structure and causes many areas to swell and suffer water damage. Here at SERVPRO we are IICRC certified and trained, and are well qualified and ready to deal with the fire and water damage in your home.

Kitchen counter tops charred and shove handles melted

Kitchen Fire Destroys Counters, Stove Top, and Oven

Kitchen Stove and Counters Destroyed in House Fire

Upon arriving in this Mililani Home our team observed the damages of the fire seeing the kitchen stove, counters, and cabinents would all need replacement. Notice the counter tops are cracking and charred. The damages required a complete replacement of the counter tops, and the entire home to be cleaned to get rid of the smoke smells left by the fire. The home owners were well pleased with the recovery time by our SERVPRO team.

black soot covering kitchen walls, fridge, cabinets and ceiling. Burnt ceiling fallen through and torn.

Devastating Kitchen Fire

When thinking about a fire, you may think the worst of the damage is what comes in contact with  the flame. However, some of the biggest nuisances when dealing with fire damage is the settling soot, or smoke smells. In the photo above we can see extreme fire damage from direct flames as well as thick layers of soot that have settled on the ceiling, walls, and fridge. 

black charred exterior wall

Kailua Fire Catches Neighboring Home

The fire that caused the charring on this home started on a neighboring home. The fire spread to this side of the home and caused serious damage to the exterior walls and roofing. SERVPRO came in and replaced all walls and roofing. 

Kitchen cabinets melted by fire, soot covers the counter tops and kitchen floor.

Fire Started in Kitchen By Tupperware Left in Oven

A fire started in this home by leaving tupperware inside the oven destroyed the entire home. The oven was left unattended while the home owners were at their son's football practice. The entire home was affected by the fire. The walls, cabinets, ceiling all needed to be replaced. The homeowners were extremely grateful for SERVPRO's services and the compassion of our SERVPRO of Central Honolulu's team.