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The SERVPRO crew has been awesome ...

The SERVPRO crew has been awesome to work with. Their response time is unprecedented and communication 5-stars. I especially appreciate their professionalism and willingness to explain every step of the process. Mahalo and special shout out to Billy and Ashton for their hard demo work today! Billy was also the "first responder" following our flooding disaster. Mahalo NUI! Definitely recommend SERVPRO!

I am very satisfied with the professional & excellent work that Billy Brymer & Ashton Lawrence performed in my bedroom ceiling. They were very considerate & patient with my dog barking at them. Billy explained each step of the procedure that was going to be undertaken & why. Although the fans & dehumidifier were loud, you know they were doing the job to dry the area. I am familiar with Billy since he did prior work on a bathroom & another bedroom. He & his workers did excellent work at that time too. Billy & Ashton cleaned up & made sure it was spotless. I hope I don't have a problem again but will definitely call SERVPRO again.

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Nina Okita & Ohana

I would first like to thank Billy ...

I would first like to thank Billy, Adam and Daniel for putting my family at ease. I love the fact that Billy called me before arriving and asked if the time he was scheduled to show up was still good for me. He was prepared for the situation and was knowledgeable about every question I had. Even explained the purpose of the equipment he was using and the equipment that would be used and their purpose. Billy made sure that we still had access to our kitchen area even though that was the area that needed to be fixed. The fact that he went above an beyond to make sure my family was good speaks volume on his character and what he stands for. I would recommend SERVPRO Central Honolulu and Kailua to anybody who needs their services.

SERVPRO of Central Honolulu came out to our hotel at 2 am to clean up a bio hazard. Heather and Billy were so considerate in handling the clean up, and all of our questions. I will definitely uses SERVPRO again should the need arise.

I had about a million questions while SERVPRO was working at our home. And Seth answered all of them! I'm so happy with how our home turned out after SERVPRO of Central Honolulu came in and restored it. My favorite part is our new counter tops, thank you SERVPRO. I highly recommend SERVPRO to any on the island, they will do more than take care of your home. They'll make it look new!

First, I would like to thank Eugene, Brian and Tom. The work they completed on my condo was magnificent. I'm extremely happy with the professionalism and quality of work. My condo feels like a new and improved home. I highly recommend this crew from SERVPRO of Central Honolulu. Eugene always provided a summary of work each day before, during and after which I valued so much. Both Tom and Brian reassured me as well each day. I love how they communicated with me unlike some other contractors. I always knew what was afoot. They were never in a rush and they handled my belongings with care. From the removal of the wood floors to the install of the luxury vinyl, I was comfortable the entire time. On the last day, they moved all my stuff back to their origin and they cleaned up my floors. No complaints whatsoever and I highly recommend their services to anyone on island. Again, thanks for all the hard work. My family and friends will love the new look

Billy and Ashton did a great job with the mold remediation work. I would request them again!

SERVPRO went above and beyond our expectations. I worked with David who let us know what to expect when we came back to the house. When I came to the home it was in better condition than I had ever expected. I had no idea hoarding was so common, and I was so lucky to have SERVPRO taking such great care of the home.

The water main in our bathroom at work broke. All of the halls were flooded with almost two inches of water. And I am so glad I don't have to worry about the smell anymore. SERVPRO cleaned it so fast, and the reconstuction did take more time than I hoped, but SERVPRO worked so hard, and you could tell they were more than prepared and super knowledgeable. 

I called SERVPRO two days after my home caught fire. My wife was making dinner while our daughter was playing out in the front yard. My daughter almost wondered out into the busy street out front our house and my wife ran to get her. After grabbing our daughter she came back to the kitchen and saw the fire. It grew out of hand so fast. And just like that fire trucks and ambulances were outside of our home. Our insurance recommended SERVPRO and I couldn't be more grateful. They got rid of ALL signs that our home ever had a fire. 

The biggest thing about SERVPRO that stood out to me was how kind and courteous the workers are. I had some flood water come into my home while I was at work, and it was awful! The flooring bubbled and lifted. And SERVPRO made me feel like they really cared about me and my home. Not only were they kind, they work hard too. I loved the outcome of their services, and will use them again for sure!

Our home caught fire while we were out at my sons football practice. I cannot explain the feelings of shock seeing our home in ruins. It was such a head ache to even look at our home. But SERVPRO came in and they were so kind. They helped us see that it was all going to get better. They completely restored our home, I was thinking we were going to be homeless honestly. But thank you to insurance and the services of SERVPRO we get it all back. SERVPRO definitely lives up to it's slogan "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO came to our store over the holiday and worked for the next week so that we would be able to have our store open for the holiday sales. We were so impressed with SERVPRO we have made them our permanently preferred restoration company of the island. They have even flown over to other islands to perform work for us. SERVPRO is the best!

Our home had a huge fire in the kitchen. It made our whole house smell like smoke. SERVPRO tore out and completely replaced all of our cabinets and counters. Our home actually looked better than it did before the fire. 

We were so surprised at the timeliness of SERVPRO. They showed up to our Surf Shop within an hour of calling them. Seth was very polite and we really appreciated their professionalism.

I was VERY satisfied with SERVPRO's work. Andy was very kind and let us know of everything that would be going on in our home. We appreciate SERVPRO so much and will recommend them to our friends!

SERVPRO's team was completely 10/10 courteous, prompt, and professional. I was very impressed with their services and would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Central Honolulu to my friends and family. Thank you  SERVPRO!

When having strong winds, a branch of a neighborhood tree fell on my house and water leaked in through my roof in the middle of the night. We called SERVPRO and came out to our house at 3 am. They removed the branches and extracted all the water that came into our house. It was a relief that SERVPRO worked with our insurance company throughout the process. I highly recommend SERVPRO for any storm damage.

We had a hoarder living in our of our units after they had passed away the job of cleaning up was left to the condo. We called SERVPRO and they cleaned out the unit in only a few days. It was a relief to not have have the unit taken care of and cleaned. SERVPRO didn't just clean up all of the junk in there, they cleaned every surface. It looked like a whole new unit after SERVPRO of Central Honolulu came in!

Our water pipe behind our bathroom toilet burst and I came home from work to find my floors flooded with water. SERVPRO came out, extracted the water and couldn't have done a better job. I'm so grateful to have my home back! SERVPRO does a great job.

Our home had extensive mold damage. I hadn't realized how serious it really was until SERVPRO showed up, we had mold hidden behind our walls, in our attic and all over our front room. Though we had to have much of our home torn out, SERVPRO was efficient and did well explaining to us the process of restoring our home. Thank you SERVPRO for the great service!

We had a kitchen fire, luckily it didn't spread to the rest of the house. Our insurance agent recommended SERVPRO. They were extremely helpful and answered all of our questions. Our home and belongings were taken care of. And the smoke smell was finally out. Couldn't ask for better service.

My wife found large amounts of mold in our master bedroom closet and called SERVPRO right away. Andy came to our home right away. My wife and I had a trip coming up and were going to be leaving soon. Andy and his wife cleaned out our closet and cleaned every surface, including inside and outside of my shoes. Their customer service was so great! They were kind and answered our many questions and we were able to arrange for my wife and me to leave on our trip as planned. Thank you SERVPRO!

As the owner of a movie theatre, I do not have all the time in the world to recover from water damage. We had a pipe break and flood the entire floor of our theatre on New Year's Eve! Not the most convenient timing... We have showings every day of the year and we did not have time to wait! I called SERVPRO and they came out that night, around 2 am, and extracted all the water immediately! Luckily enough the total damage done was not extensive and we were able to get business up running within a few days! SERVPRO's timeliness was outstanding. I highly recommend SERVPRO to all family and friends or neighborhood businesses.

SERVPRO of Central Honolulu did an excellent job on our floors! Our aquarium leaked and the water went throughout our kitchen, living room and hallway. SERVPRO came in and gave us an estimate and provided lots of information.  Andy was very attentive to our needs and understood what was necessary for our situation.  The flooring crew was very professional and friendly.  I would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone.  Excellent flooring, installation and very thorough.  The price was very reasonable and the work was done on time.

Had a refrigerator ice maker line water leak that damaged our laminate flooring. Our insurance company chose SERVPRO and they came out within an hour. Seth was the technician assigned to us and he was very professional, informative, and made what I thought was a stressful situation calming.  He used excellent equipment to vacuum the remaining water up and fans/dehumidifier. Day 1 they cleaned up the water. Day 2 they boxed/packed up any personal items we had in the affected rooms and removed the laminate flooring and used their fans and dehumidifier to make sure there was no water in the kitchen cabinets and drywall. Seth always called me to see how things were going and was prompt when he said we would arrive at a specific time. 

The whole drying process took 6 days. With all the fans blowing and windows closed, it did make the house very hot and kitchen unusable. We just had to adjust to the process and SERVPRO was very helpful in informing us what the process was going to be like and answered any questions and concerns we had. 

During the removal process, however, there was some damage done to our kitchen marble flooring as well as a minor drywall/paint damage. SERVPRO was able to solve the problem and in the end, we were pleased with the results. It was assuring to hear that they will take care of the problem and that we should not have to stress out. 

Overall, we were very satisfied with the professional work that was done during and after the unfortunate damage. Highly recommend them for any restoration that may occur in your home!

The smell in our office was giving me headaches and I could not stop sneezing. After SERVPRO came in they found more mold behind the wall! I had no idea there was more mold than what I saw at first. They took care of it so fast and came in at the craziest hours so that we could get a few office things done in the day. SERVPRO was so courteous and professional, though it was a pain to deal with mold even existing in our office couldn't have asked for better service!

Our home is a rental, and the carpets had been very dirty to due to the traffic through our home. We tried, baking soda (which was a pain by the way), dish soap, and spot cleaning, everything we could think of. Our carpets just looked trashed! We called SERVPRO of Honolulu Central and they took such great care of us. They were very quick and the cleaning went very smoothly. Not to mention they were so kind. I truly appreciate them. Thank you SERVPRO!

Professional, knowledgeable, and courteous! A bathroom pipe burst and ruined our new bamboo and luxury vinyl flooring on the lower level. The SERVPRO crew of Honolulu Central came in, took care of business, and got rid of the mess. No one wants to need such a service, but if it happens to us again, we know whom to call. Many thanks to the entire crew!

SERVPRO of Central Honolulu was very personable, professional, informative and hard working and did I mention they do a great job! 
We came to realize that it was due to the owner, Mr.  Andrew Maras.  How he conducts his business and how he treats his workers. He himself has been stopping by periodically to check how things have been going and if workers need a hand, he is the first one to do so and that alone gives customers a comforting feeling.  

As an insurance agent I frequently work with restoration companies when my clients file a claim. Having worked with most restoration companies on island I feel confident in saying Glenna and her team at SERVPRO are the best. They consistently go above and beyond for my clients, which makes me look good too. Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO, they will not disappoint!

I recently had a water damage in my kitchen so I called my insurance right away and this company was recommended. Let me tell you, I am very happy with their services from the start to finish. Mind you, I am very hard to please. Thomas who did our cabinetry did an amazing job. He is a hard worker and very personable. I asked a lot of questions and he answered all of them. EJ also did an amazing job with the counter fabrication.  He is a hard worker as well and friendly. Alex did a great job coordinating everything.  They did exactly what I asked for. I am in love with our new kitchen. It is way beyond my expectations.