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Why SERVPRO Testimonials

Fast, friendly, and very professional with their service. If you ever need anything done with them ask for Shannon Krakover, you'll be in good hands.

Billy and Ashton did a great job with the mold remediation work. I would request them again!

SERVPRO went above and beyond our expectations. I worked with David who let us know what to expect when we came back to the house. When I came to the home it was in better condition than I had ever expected. I had no idea hoarding was so common, and I was so lucky to have SERVPRO taking such great care of the home.

SERVPRO came to our store over the holiday and worked for the next week so that we would be able to have our store open for the holiday sales. We were so impressed with SERVPRO we have made them our permanently preferred restoration company of the island. They have even flown over to other islands to perform work for us. SERVPRO is the best!

SERVPRO's team was completely 10/10 courteous, prompt, and professional. I was very impressed with their services and would definitely recommend SERVPRO of Central Honolulu to my friends and family. Thank you  SERVPRO!

The smell in our office was giving me headaches and I could not stop sneezing. After SERVPRO came in they found more mold behind the wall! I had no idea there was more mold than what I saw at first. They took care of it so fast and came in at the craziest hours so that we could get a few office things done in the day. SERVPRO was so courteous and professional, though it was a pain to deal with mold even existing in our office couldn't have asked for better service!

Our home is a rental, and the carpets had been very dirty to due to the traffic through our home. We tried, baking soda (which was a pain by the way), dish soap, and spot cleaning, everything we could think of. Our carpets just looked trashed! We called SERVPRO of Honolulu Central and they took such great care of us. They were very quick and the cleaning went very smoothly. Not to mention they were so kind. I truly appreciate them. Thank you SERVPRO!