Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Oahu Home Caught Fire

Kailua Home Gets Brand New Kitchen After Kitchen Fire This Kailua home suffered a seemingly small fire, when the kitchen counter caught fire. A small pot was le... READ MORE

Neighboring Fire Spreads To Kailua Home

Completely Devastating Fire Spreads to Neighbor's Home A fire in Kailua completely devastated a home. All belongings were destroid and unsalvageable, the walls,... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Results in Gorgeous Restoration

SERVPRO Restores Home After Tragic Kitchen Fire Resulting in Gorgeous New Kitchen A fire started in this Honolulu Kitchen after an unattended stove caught fire.... READ MORE

White Marble Counter Tops! You'd Never know there was a fire.

The fire in this Kaneohe home was caused by a pot left on the kitchen stove. This unattended pot caught fire and spread to the kitchen counter. The fire filled ... READ MORE

Home Burning Down Catches Next Door Neighbors Home on Fire

The home next door to the one depicted in the before and after photos above suffered traumatic loss as their home and their belongings were completely destroye... READ MORE

Gorgeous Kitchen After SERVPRO's Fire Restoration

This kitchen had a small fire that damaged and left residue all over their home. The residue is not easy to see in the before photo, yet you can still observe t... READ MORE